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West Hartford Block Party Permit Application

Call if you need help (860) 561-8100 Applications may be faxed to the DPW at (860) 561-8141

Block Party Permit Application

Applicant agrees to comply with all public health guidance and directives issued by local, state, or federal officials, including but not limited to guidance issued by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, executive orders issued by the Governor of the State of Connecticut, and rules established by the Town.

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    Some Other Information You Should Know ...


    1. Block parties are only permitted from the first weekend in May through

    Columbus Day.

    2. Completed applications are due in the Public Works Office at least 4 days in

    advance. Applications may be faxed to the DPW at (860) 561-8141.

    3. By submitting this application, the applicant agrees to assume responsibility

    for properly blocking the street using barricades provided by the Town or

    caution tape purchased by the applicant if barricades are not available.

    4. The caution tape must be plastic, at least 3 inches wide and in a high visibility

    color, such as yellow, orange or lime green.

    5. If you are using caution tape, block the street by extending the caution tape

    between two weighted, but moveable supports. The supports should be strong

    enough to hold the tape, but moveable in case you need to get a vehicle in or

    6. The permitted hours for a block party are 6 pm to 9 pm on weekdays or 12

    noon to 9 pm on holidays and weekends.

    7. Only one block of any street may be blocked off.

    8. The permit may be revoked if any complaints are received.

    9. Rain dates can only be accepted during the same weekend. Otherwise, the

    applicant must call the DPW office to re-schedule.

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