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West Hartford Public Works

17 Brixton St. West Hartford, CT 06110


Banner Reservation Application


Banner Policy - Please read before continuing with the application

Permitted Locations

Banners may only be placed at locations designated by the Department of Public Works as approved by the Town Manager. Currently that location is:

  • The north end of Unity Green  

Prior Approval

All banners must be approved by the Department of Public Works.


Banners must be three (3) feet wide by twenty-four (24) feet long with grommets placed at every foot.


  • The weight of the material of the banners must be at least 10 oz. vinyl, and
  • The grommets at the four corners must be reinforced. (These are the stress points and will tear out if not reinforced.)
  • At least one wind slot should be cut into every three feet of the banner to reduce wind resistance.


  • Commercial sponsorship are permitted as long as the sponsorship font, size, and color are uniform across all proposed banners, sponsorship is located at the bottom of the banner and does not exceed 15% of the total size of the banner. 
  • Logos will NOT be permitted. 
  • No reference to the consumption of alcohol will be allowed on the banner.

Nature of the event

Banners may only be displayed for the following types of events:

  • Town-sponsored/sanctioned events/programs, or
  • Events run by Town-sponsored organizations, or
  • Not for profit or Chamber of Commerce sponsored events/programs as long as the event is not business specific.

Banners will be hung and removed by DPW personnel only.

Space Availability

  • Banners will be placed on Unity Green on first come, first served basis
  • If the Green is booked and a request is made to hang a banner for a community event then double banners will be hung. However, if the Green is booked and a request is made to hang a banner that is not a community event then the request will be denied.


  • Banners will be hung on the Monday prior to the event and be removed the morning of the next business day after the event.
  • No banner will be left at any location for more than 7 days.


A fee of $200.00 will be charged to hang and remove a banner from any location.

Banners must be picked up from the Department of Public works within thirty (30) days after the display week. The Town of West Hartford assumes no responsibly for banners and any banners left for more than (30) days will be discarded.

Event Information

Banners can be reserved for one week on the Green.

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